Microsoft Hyper-VVMware

Virtualization is the process of sharing the resources of a physical server environment to run multiple virtual servers using software rather than hardware, thus enabling multiple operating systems or instances to run simultaneously on a single machine.

Virtualization centralizes administrative tasks and reduces hardware costs, while improving scalability and workloads.


Virtualization & Potential Business Impact

 Global Server Virtualization Market Forecast (2017-23)

  • USD 8 Billion by 2023
  • 7% CAGR  


Possible reduction of hardware and operating costs


Rate of rise in number of elements a virtual machine can handle


Possible utilization of every individual server efficiency


Increase of workload capacity that virtualization can offer


Uptime that virtualization technology can offer


Possible power cost-savings through virtualized environment


Potential savings that virtualization offers over physical servers


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